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This new features will be available in future releases from ServDoc:
  • Before ServDoc 1.0 release:
    • All output modules can work with HTML Entities in textstrings (eg for german umlauts)
    • Translation Guide
    • Change the module output from "!"-separated to XML
    • A nearly complete userguide
    • Mark some things (commands, commandoutput, filenames, file content) in the XML output and do something with it in special output modules (own LaTeX "designs", own CSS-classes for HTML,...)
    • Collect demo output from many servers (eg the SF compile farm)
  • After ServDoc 1.0
    • docbook output module
    • short, but meaningfull abstract for some modules (eg apache: list all virtual hosts, Document Root and ports in a table)
    • HTML output with CSS
    • write a "ServDoc diff" utility to compare 2 servers or 2 outputs from the same server
    • write a output=null module
    • NFS server module
    • NIS (server and client) module
    • Linux iptables module
    • Much more information in the long description fields.
    • Possibility to change some Variables not in the code but on the commandline (eg: sendmail: delcomment)
    • Output modules with/without long description
    If you have some feature wishes, write me an email Logo

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