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There are different ways to come to your ServDoc-code:

Official released

For official released versions, look at your Sourceforge Project Page.
There are two files, a separ (self extracting perl archive) and a tarball.
For documentation how to use the separ or the tgz-file, look downwards.

Nightly Builds

Every night, we make a nightly "build" of ServDoc. This versions will most probably work (yeah, developers should checkin only working versions.....), but they aren't tested as good as the released versions.
Just try them and mail me your problems.


Get your "fresh" copy of ServDoc with anonymous cvs at our Sourceforge CVS Repository.

ServDoc as selfextracting perl archive

This is the "enduser" version of ServDoc. One file, one command, and you can't see what's behind.


  1. Download in any directory on your server.
  2. Start it with
      perl --output=html
Your perl has to be V5.005 or newer. Check that with
  perl -v
. Perl has to be in your PATH.

ServDoc as tarball

If you want to see the structure and the modules and you want to know what ServDoc does, this is your version. Instructions:
  1. Download in any directory on your server.
  2. untar it with
      gzip -dc | tar -xvf -
  3. cd to the (newly created) servdoc directory
  4. start it with
      perl ServDoc
      perl ServDoc --output=html
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